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You know I ran out of bobbin thread with 6 inches to go.
It’s that special time of the year again. Three weeks out and I am already in what we affectionately call “Heart Hell.”
Yes indeed, that is the foot that keeps kicking me in the side. Right where I thought it would be. Unfortunately, this baby is a stinker and we could not catch a cute little profile, but a tiny foot will hold us over for now ❤️💙
Frogging is more fun than knitting. Starting this long forgotten sock over with a mate. #2atatimeftw
Baby #flightmapquilt X3. Really amazing what a difference each color palette makes. This quilt can be whatever you want to make it depending on how many & what fabrics you use, but the results are always fabulous!
#flightmapquilt Round 3 is definitely my favorite fabric combo.
A magical fairy named @annamichellejohnson dropped off this stack of pretties yesterday! It’s going to be an @annamariahorner sweatshop up in here this weekend! #flightmapquilt
Scrambling to finish my #woodlandsampler so I can get the #onceuponatimesampler without feeling guilty.
Received my first piano teacher Christmas gift and he was so sweet about it I almost cried. #latergram
Matching sisters, knitting lessons, new slippers, and a 20 week baby bump.
Homemade & hand-dipped: seafoam and marshmallows. Terrible mess but so delicious!
Fudgey goodness. Batch 1 of 3.
Continuous strip of pink woodgrain bias? Don’t mind if I do.
Christmas clearance = added bedtime sparkle.